Intelligent CXO Issue 21 | Page 46

What kind of support does Ukraine need during this time of war ?
You ' re seeing quite a lot of support from so many different countries today – there is military support and intelligence support . But as I am coming from the business side , I always say , looking at the IT industry of Ukraine , we don ' t need money , we don ’ t need donations , because we are one of those industries which continues to work and continues creating jobs and paying taxes in the country . My call for my colleagues in technology sectors everywhere is to continue working or start working with Ukrainian companies , with Ukrainian engineers , because by doing that , you support the country economically . Ukrainian engineers have such a strong reputation worldwide as being very talented . Maybe now it ' s a good time to try working with Ukraine engineering talent .
How did the acquisition with Digitally Inspired begin and what will it bring to Intellias ?
We always look at potential synergies that every acquisition , brings to Intellias and in this case , the synergies are very clear . Digitally Inspired has a very strong vertical of retail , so with this acquisition Intellias has got this competence and can further develop retail business . Another very good synergy for Intellias is building a stronger presence in the United Kingdom . Digitally Inspired is historically focused on this market with a strong client portfolio in the UK . We now have very good presence in the UK .
What ’ s the focus for the next few years for Intellias ?
Continuous organic and inorganic growth . I think organically we can still do 30 to 40 % growth by growing our current client portfolio by acquiring new clients . We believe that global Digital Transformation still has a lot of potential to continue and a lot of potential to expand . According to different reports , IT spend globally will continue increasing by eight to 10 % yearover-year . The market is expanding , and this means for a great and competent company like Intellias , there will be a lot of work going forward .
We continue our organic growth , focusing on key verticals that I mentioned earlier , maybe adding one or two more verticals , maybe looking into healthcare , life sciences and business . Another thing is that we invest a lot into our technology office and building our technology competencies , right across a number of areas – Artificial Intelligence , Machine Learning , IOT , cybersecurity , cloud computing .
Also – organic acquisition . We have an appetite and we have capital for continuing acquisitions , and our next focus will be looking for companies outside of Europe probably – looking at the American market and India . x
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