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Magnit is a global leader in the contingent workforce management space , with more than 30 years of experience in this domain . Its industry-leading workforce management platform is of particular relevance during the current economic context , as more and more organisations engage with temporary or contract workers to fulfil their needs . The platform leverages an organisation ’ s data to propose efficient and effective recruitment solutions . Sam Smith , EMEA President at Magnit , spoke about the company ’ s recent rebrand and its vision .


Tell us a bit more about your business and how it started .
Magnit was founded in 1991 , pioneering an approach to workforce management specifically dedicated to contingent workers . The contingent workforce includes anyone who isn ’ t on the permanent payroll of a business , so that ’ s agency workers , temporary staff , contractors and more . Eight – three percent of executives report that they are increasingly using contingent workers , and it ’ s vital that these companies have a specialised approach to managing this significant workforce . Today , Magnit offers a modern , tech-driven solution for doing just that – managing contingent workers across the globe .
How has the business grown since it started and how did you ensure growth ?
This question comes at the perfect time as Magnit is going through a period of rapid growth and change . The company rebranded from PRO

A leader in managing contingent workers across the globe

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