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Joanna Swash , Group CEO , Moneypenny

It has been a turbulent year for many companies as worldwide events have changed the business landscape . And as 2022 closes , businesses will be looking forward to the year ahead . Joanna Swash , Group CEO at Moneypenny , explains how she is approaching 2023 . She said : “ As the new year begins , it is important to reflect and learn from our mistakes of the past year ( as well as those of others ). To thrive , not just survive , we need to cultivate cautious optimism , invest in our people and maximise what we have . And we need to be bold . That ’ s what we will be focusing on at Moneypenny .”

Focusing on maximising what it has , Moneypenny will be investing in the relationships it has with its people and its customers . “ It is easy to assume that your customers know what you can offer , but it is always worth actively listening and re-communicating as requirements , offerings and circumstances change . Our goal is always to foster long-term relationships rather than thinking of short-term gains , treating our clients like the celebrities that they are , putting them at the centre of our strategy and providing excellent customer service , tailored to them ” Swash said .
Lesson learned : Never assume anything .
Swash added : “ I think the past year ( or three ) has shown companies how important it is to invest in your culture . And make it an optimistic one . In attracting and retaining the best people for your business you need a culture that you can live and breathe , as it is at the top of people ’ s agendas , for both current and potential employees .”
She said that cautious optimism in leaders and businesses is critical for the future , as optimistic people benefit from better mental and physical health ; they suffer less anxiety , they adapt better and recover quicker and they live longer . “ Nurturing this mindset among your people will ensure a healthy , positive workforce and a healthy , positive business . Furthermore , optimistic people tend to be more productive and resilient . They accept failure as part of their learning journey ,” Swash added .
Lesson shared : Invest in your culture . And cultivate optimism .
Swash said : “ One thing on a personal note that was reinforced for me this year , was the value of trusting your gut and being bold , making decisions based on your market , your product and your data . Our gut is a vessel which holds our experiences and learning , everything that we have picked up on our journey to date , consciously and unconsciously . Harnessing it and learning to trust it can be a critical addition to any leader ’ s toolbox .”
Lesson learned : Trust your gut , and don ’ t be a sheep !


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