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Sixty percent of employees using AI regard it as a coworker , not a job threat

New research has found that organisations are far more likely to derive value from Artificial Intelligence when their workers do so as well . The global survey revealed that sometimes workers were not even aware they were using the technology , and when they were aware , they derived more value from it . Mandating the use of AI is a critical step to overcoming resistance , the report revealed .

Despite the popular belief that organisations derive value from Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) at the expense of the individuals they employ , and that AI-powered automation can lead to the displacement of workers , 60 % of employees view AI as a coworker and not a job threat . Furthermore , organisations with employees who derive value from AI are 5.9 times more likely to see significant financial benefits from it than organisations where employees do not get value from AI , according to a report from MIT Sloan Management Review ( MIT SMR ) and Boston Consulting Group ( BCG ).

The report , Achieving Individual – and Organisational – Value With AI , presents findings from the sixth consecutive research effort between MIT SMR and BCG on Artificial Intelligence and business strategy . It includes results from a global survey of 1,741 managers and interviews with 17 executives , representing more than 100 countries and 20 industries , on the use of AI at work .
According to the report , individuals derive personal value from AI when using the technology as it improves their selfdetermination , which encompasses their competency , autonomy and relatedness .
“ AI use in business is now pervasive . Many technologies have embedded , even hidden , AI components that workers may not even be aware of . When everyone is using AI to some degree and getting value from it , familiar tropes become problematic ,” said Sam Ransbotham , Professor
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