Intelligent CXO Issue 19 - Page 46

Can you tell us more about your partnership with the Dubai Municipality and why this was needed ?
Our job is to apply data in the right way so that Dubai Municipality can understand what it has , how we can improve its infrastructure , and how we can help make Dubai the happiest place on Earth . helping them interpret that data and apply it the right way – that ' s the real focus for us , it ' s about applying the technologies to create the best use of that location data for the future .
What advice would you give to governments looking to innovate and carry out an effective geospatial strategy ?
We ’ re helping them to apply location data to develop the city , such as how it might reroute its traffic and how emergency services can get places quicker . Really , there are lots of different ways that we help Dubai Municipality make use of location data , but it ' s always about helping the people of Dubai .
Can you tell us more about the Geospatial Service Centre and how it is delivering geospatial services within Dubai ?
We ’ ve worked with them to make better use of the data they have access to . We ’ ve also been
I think it ' s about understanding how location can help governments . We all need to use location – we use maps in our daily lives .
The more that those governments can make use of that location data , then they can apply it in different ways to help their citizens and to grow their economies and communities . So , it ' s very much about understanding the requirements of different countries . Those requirements will vary according to where they are in the world and what problems they face and our job is to help them understand how location data can solve those problems . x
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