Intelligent CXO Issue 19 | Page 35

BUSINESS PROFILE importance of connecting with your team . Understanding their needs and ambitions helps us all figure out how to improve and how to best work together . Based on my experience , engaged teams will go the extra mile .
From a business perspective , invest in aligned strategy development and the tactical execution of that strategy . Spending the time to orient business values and goals with all stakeholders – including managers , supervisors and the broader team – will pay dividends . When everyone is working towards the same mission , it creates an environment where people can thrive . healthcare innovations . Telehealth has become the new norm in healthcare , with telehealth activities now a permanent arrangement under the Medicare Benefits Scheme .
Healthcare providers are investing more in a variety of ways to not only provide care but to also manage their operations from expanded telehealth to more innovative cloud-based technologies and sensors to remotely support patients . We ’ re now seeing live remote monitoring and management of patient health , more connected and advanced fall detection alerts and remote rehabilitation management .
Stefanie Oakes , General Manager – Asia Pacific Services
What do you currently identify as the major areas of investment within healthcare ?
COVID-19 changed the way the healthcare industry operates . It ’ s been a major catalyst for
As these technologies increase in use , we ’ re seeing an expanded view of the concept of a ‘ converged network .’ Healthcare can now connect to home networks and personal devices , such as smartphones , for instant reporting and analysis between patients and healthcare providers .
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