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What would you describe as your most memorable achievement ?
I would describe my most memorable professional achievement as when I led the retail market entry strategy into Indonesia for BP . Indonesia has a large population and presented a significant business development opportunity with significant challenges involved . I worked on the project from the grassroots strategy through to execution , allowing me to play a role in the entire development of the project .
What style of management philosophy do you employ in your current position ?
I am a collaborative leader and believe in encouraging my team to develop the confidence and skills to contribute new ideas and processes to improve outcomes . My team has joint responsibility for Honeywell ’ s success and there is an expectation of participation going beyond your own swim lane .
It ’ s also important to me to be an inclusive leader which celebrates differences and recognises the strength in others . I am committed to instilling a culture of continuous improvement across our team . Whether it be task-based or leadership skills , this ongoing education is critical to developing the next generation of leaders .
If you could go back and change one career decision , what would it be ?
Each career experience has been formative in its own way and because of that I don ’ t have any regrets over career decisions . Even in roles that I did not enjoy , I developed skills and learned new ways of working . I ’ ve worked with leaders and bosses who were not necessarily my cup of tea , but I did learn valuable lessons including resilience and the importance of a team mentality .
How do you unwind outside of the office ?
Stefanie Oakes , General Manager – Asia Pacific Services , Honeywell Building Technologies , speaks to us about her management philosophy , investments in healthcare and her go-to productivity trick .
Mental and physical health are both important to me , so I balance my time outside of work with things that keep me healthy and things that make me happy . I like to exercise and keep fit through running or my Peloton for a quick workout . My three-year-old is a great distraction from an exhausting workweek . She ’ s at a great age to get out and try new experiences and I love trying to see the world through her eyes . I also take time to do things for myself and I enjoy a nice glass of wine .
What ’ s your go-to productivity trick ?
Engaged teams are so much more productive and make the work experience more enjoyable . It ’ s important not to underestimate the

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Investing in healthcare

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