Intelligent CXO Issue 19 - Page 22


Organisations are increasingly adopting AI , Machine Learning and Deep Learning ( DL ) to support their critical business needs . Their AI developers train computers to learn and to solve problems in a manner that is similar to or even superior to humans .

Machine Learning is enabling them to analyse large amounts of data to unearth previously unknown business insights . It is also helping them to interact directly with customers by using natural language processing and also giving them the opportunity to automate various business processes and functions .
This will help organisations to solve real-world problems , deliver innovative products and services very fast and most importantly , give them the edge in an increasingly competitive marketplace .
Now , AI and Machine Learning have moved beyond the realm of concept into real-world application , representing the great opportunity to stay competitive , drive growth , and cut costs .
AI and Machine Learning are well suited in different verticals such as manufacturing , healthcare , telecom , public sector , retail , finance and automatise . If I select healthcare as an example , Artificial Intelligence is transforming healthcare in ways we never thought possible .
And it really is all about data . Using data , AI and Machine Learning can help healthcare professionals make more informed , accurate , and proactive assessments and diagnoses . The ability to analyse data in real-time enables healthcare professionals to improve the quality of life for patients and ultimately save lives .
This will enable proactive diagnoses using smarter healthcare tools , help physicians find the right data faster and keep patients and healthcare organisations safe from cybercriminals and attacks .
For CIOs and IT leaders , best practices would be to build a data fabric ; a unified data management environment that spans across their Edge devices , data centres , and one or more public clouds , if they have or plan to go to the cloud , so AI data can be ingested , collected , stored and protected no matter where it resides .
Only then they can optimally train AI , drive Machine Learning and empower the DL algorithms necessary to bring AI projects to life . Our NetApp AI solutions can help them remove bottlenecks at the Edge , core , and cloud to enable more efficient data collection , accelerated AI workloads , and smoother cloud integration . Our unified data management solutions will support seamless , cost-effective data movement across their hybrid multi-cloud environment . And our world-class partner ecosystem provides full technical integrations with AI leaders , channel partners and systems integrators , software and hardware providers , and cloud partners to put together smart , powerful , trusted AI solutions that help them achieve their business goals .
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