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The IT talent gap is fuelling tech investment decisions

New data from Salesforce ’ s MuleSoft reveals that all IT leaders in Australia say the ‘ Great Resignation ' has created skills gaps in their department .

IT talent acquisition challenges are now heavily influencing technology investment decisions , according to new research released from Salesforce ’ s MuleSoft .

The 2022 IT Leaders Pulse Report has revealed that two-thirds ( 64 %) of senior IT leaders in Australia agree that acquiring IT talent has never been harder and respondents said attracting IT talent influences their organisation ’ s technology investment choices .
The report also shows that IT leaders are using technology to create more people-centric experiences for their employees and customers . The majority ( 88 %) of senior IT leaders in Australia now say the experience an organisation provides its employees and customers is as important as its products and services and that improved customer-facing ( 85 %) and employee ( 83 %) technologies are critical for their organisation to compete .
“ Shifting economic headwinds are making technology even more fundamental to success across every part of the business , including sales , service , marketing , commerce and IT ,” said Matt McLarty , Global Field CTO , MuleSoft . “ As IT leaders struggle to fill roles to support this additional demand , the traditional playbook is in question . Today ' s IT leaders must look instead to broader , company-wide process improvements through automation that foster innovation , enhance user experiences and drive efficient growth .”
IT talent acquisition pressures are shaping technology investment decisions
Nine out of 10 ( 91 %) senior IT leaders in Australia agree investing in people is hugely important . As a result , the majority of respondents plan to invest in improving IT employees ’ well-being ( 89 %) and upskilling ( 77 %), both of which are ahead of increasing IT headcount ( 74 %) over the next 12 months . The report shows :
• The ‘ Great Resignation ’ has created skills gaps across IT : All senior IT leaders in Australia say that the ‘ Great Resignation ’ has created skills gaps in their organisation ’ s IT function , primarily within IT and solution architecture ( 70 %) and cloud and infrastructure management ( 50 %).
• Organisations are embracing automation and self-serve initiatives : Many senior IT leaders in Australia are turning to automation and selfserve initiatives to address the growing skills gap . Across industries , 65 % of organisations are automating tasks and processes and 56 % are empowering non-technical employees to meet their own needs .
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