Intelligent CXO Issue 19 | Page 42

OUR RESEARCH SHOWS THAT LEADING ORGANISATIONS ARE SEEING GREATER RETURNS FROM IT INITIATIVES THAT FOCUS ON THE EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE . and insurance accounted for the most intermediate organisations while later adopters can be found in the manufacturing and professional services sectors . Larger concerns , with more than US $ 10 billion revenue , represent the largest percentage of DEX leaders . Despite significant proven benefits in employee usability , customer satisfaction and annual revenue , 58 % of companies are still in the intermediate stages of adoption . As more jobs become available as remote positions , it ’ s important to note that as remote and hybrid positions increase , so do the expectation for modern work experiences .
" Lakeside ' s proactive IT capabilities have significantly enhanced our digital employee experience ,” said Greg Dolphin , Director of Global Support at LexisNexis .
“ The quantity and quality of data collected has let us strategically identify and remediate issues far faster than we otherwise would have . A year after onboarding SysTrack , about 5 % of the logged incidents across the local IT support teams were filed proactively . Today , we are solving 50 % of issues proactively , purely because of the level of visibility that we have into endpoints ."
Seven qualities of digital employee experience leadership
Proactive IT stance across the entire organisation was the top trait of firms that were further along the DEX maturity curve . They shift from
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