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AT & T and McDonald ’ s USA are expanding their relationship to bring ultra-fast AT & T Business Fiber to more than 750 McDonald ’ s restaurants across the US .

The symmetrical high-speed connectivity of the AT & T fibre network will provide these restaurants with the ability to elevate the customer experience while opening the door for emerging technologies in the coming years .
As one of the world ’ s largest restaurant companies , McDonald ’ s has a deep history in embracing new technologies to deliver superior customer experiences . The last 24 months have triggered a revolution in consumer habits and expectations for restaurants and food service . As the industry evolves , McDonald ’ s plans to use the enhanced connectivity to help uncover the potential of continued advancements in technologies like the Internet of Things ( IoT ) and Edge Computing .
Many customers bring their mobile devices to McDonald ’ s and connect via Wi-Fi to catch up on the latest hit TV show , do their homework or connect with family on a video chat . The speed and reliability of AT & T Business Fiber will enhance these experiences for more restaurant guests .
AT & T Business Fiber helps businesses sell more goods , reach more audiences , work faster and smarter . Services provided over fibre can transmit more information faster than cable for conferencing , file transfers and cloud applications with equivalent download and upload speeds .
“ Our goal is to provide our customers the best experience possible and we are excited to offer high speed Internet on a broader scale ,” said Whitney McGinnis , CIO and Vice President , McDonald ’ s USA . “ Every day , our customers rely on McDonald ’ s free Wi-Fi to work , study , connect with loved ones or simply relax . They ’ re able to access the Internet on laptops or mobile devices at more than 11,500 participating restaurants with Wi-Fi , always free of charge . Fibreoptics are essential to delivering a seamless experience . This agreement with AT & T helps to ensure our customers can access the Internet effortlessly and quickly .” x
“ In five years , the restaurant experience could be very different than what it is today ,” said Michael Colaneri , Vice President , Retail Enterprise Solutions , AT & T Business . “ High-speed Internet is a critical engine for growth and expansion , creativity and innovation and a reimagined consumer experience in the industry . We ’ re thrilled to work together with McDonald ’ s to help shape the future of restaurants .”
Reliable connectivity to the McDonald ’ s Global Mobile App enables speedy delivery of services like contactless Mobile Order and Pay , which has never been more important . Expanding fibre connectivity to more restaurants will provide the infrastructure necessary to support and deploy technologies like this more effectively .
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