Intelligent CXO Issue 17 | Page 39

Creating a two-way conversation is crucial for brands to build trust and solidify their image online . Creative tactics such as polls , giveaways , user-generated content , Q & A sessions and engagement with customer comments are some examples of how brands can attract and grow their followers .
Keep on top of trends
Social platforms go in and out of fashion quickly , so staying close to the target audience – and the channels they ’ re using – is important . risks , adapt and test new platforms are more likely to tap into broader audiences , opening up revenue opportunities and increasing sales .
Looking beyond a singlechannel strategy
In a digital world , brands need to be present wherever their customers are . The boundaries of commerce must extend beyond any single channel and , on the back end , data has to flow across those channels so companies can deliver connected experiences efficiently .
The TikTok of today could be the Vine of tomorrow . Like any strategy , agility and flexibility are important to ensure a business doesn ’ t get left behind . At the forefront of this agility is bravery . Ultimately , businesses that are more likely to take
Investing in social media is not only a good strategy for reaching current audiences but also a great way for retailers to future-proof their businesses , attract a wider customer base and stay relevant in a fast-evolving digital world . x
Thierry Nicault , Area Vice President – Middle East and North Africa , Salesforce www . intelligentcxo . com