Intelligent CXO Issue 17 | Page 37


The move to social media

As an industry , media has been breaking away from traditional outlets . This has primarily been fuelled by how consumers ’ needs are evolving , with social media now dominating the market . Thierry Nicault , Area Vice President – Middle East and North Africa , Salesforce , speaks to us about how companies can adopt a new media strategy and the tools needed to be successful online .

When the pandemic struck , many retailers quickly pivoted from brickand-mortar to online sales . With this quick shift to digital came the increased opportunity for online marketing – specifically through social media .

Over the last few years , social media ’ s role in the retail industry has become increasingly important . In fact , it ’ s estimated that nearly one in 10 purchases are made through social media , indicating that legacy retailing is taking a back seat to newer digital purchasing points .
According to Salesforce ’ s State of Connected Customer report , 55 % of consumers prefer to engage with brands through digital channels , that number spikes to 65 % for Gen Z consumers .
Social media has allowed businesses of every size to gain access to new audiences , grow massive followings and drive their online revenue .
Invest in insight
In order to target the right audience , companies first need to know where to find them .
Knowing that audiences shop through digital channels is only the first step . Businesses then need to ask themselves : What platforms are my target audiences using ? Where are they most likely to purchase ? Is my branding , messaging and service consistent across all channels ?
AI tools that allow businesses to understand where and how their
The trend isn ’ t slowing down – in fact , according to Salesforce ’ s fifth State of the Connected Customer report , 61 % of customers plan to shop more on social media over the next three years .
Additionally , 56 % of customers shop on social more now than they did a year ago . This shift in shopping habits spotlights social media as a growing source of traffic and revenue for online businesses , with many harnessing it as a tool to drive profits .
Forward-looking retailers need to ensure they deepen social investments to future-proof their businesses . But with nearly 45 % of commerce leaders feeling unprepared to build on emerging channels ( like the metaverse , TikTok and new online social storefronts ), many are asking : where do they start ?
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