Intelligent CXO Issue 17 - Page 35

What ’ s the business ’ approach to management ?
Hire great people then promote from within . Whenever a vacancy arises , our first thought is – who do we have who is ready to step up ? Every employee has a development plan , so we know where they are and what their career aspirations are . Every new thing – a project , a new client , a new role – is an opportunity for someone and they invariably seize the day and make me proud .
What is your company ’ s vision and goal ?
We have six major goals ; they are as follows :
• Governance – We aim to create a sustainable and scalable structure and operating model in order to grow the business .
• Team – We continue to build an amazing team and culture and ensure Adactus continues to be a great place to work and an employer of choice .
• Clients – We continue to build enduring , meaningful relationships with a growing client base and really add value to their employee , customers , and shareholders .
• Commercialisation – we ’ re building products that stand-out from the crowd in enhancing customer experiences ; we ’ re wrapping personalised service around this , so our clients have their own roadmap – not a generic one everyone must follow , regardless of relevance .
• Compliance and Accreditation – we ’ re maintaining our Microsoft partnership qualifications , GDPR , security and DevOps accreditation compliance so clients can see we ’ re hitting the highest technical standards . We ’ re also working towards accreditation for our Environmental , Social and Governance standards , so they know we ’ re doing the right things as an employer and part of the community . www . intelligentcxo . com