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What has your career looked like so far ?
My career started at M & S , where I worked in many areas of the business , including food operations and new selling channels – food and flower ordering , wedding cakes – all the stressful stuff ! Then I spent eight years at Yum !, leading the introduction of online ordering for the Pizza Hut Delivery part of the business – this is where I first met Adactus , as their client . After a few years working as a consultant to various restaurant groups , the chance came for me to buy Adactus as part of the business was acquired by a client .
Can you tell us a bit more about your business and how it started ?
At Adactus , we are a people-first software company helping businesses deliver great customer experiences – we have helped some of the biggest names in hospitality . Our solutions are tailored to clients ’ specific requirements , budget and timelines . They are scalable , built with future needs in mind and are now configurable to midsized hospitality businesses .
Beyond hospitality , our products can help any business that needs to take orders , bookings or appointments or make sense of customer and sales data . We ’ ve built websites , mobile apps ; e-commerce platforms ; resource allocation and labour scheduling services ; booking systems ; football league management systems ; reporting suites and dashboards ; allergy data management solutions for restaurants ; complex integrations with Office 365 for payroll and asset management .
How has the business grown since it started and how did you ensure growth ?
From 2016 to 2019 , turnover and profit grew steadily . The pandemic caused our hospitality clients ’ businesses to stop trading for extended periods , which caused technology programmes to be paused and postponed . Sadly , some hospitality clients did not survive this downturn , while others were dramatically reduced in size . As a result , revenues reduced by over a third in 2020 , though prudent cost control allowed us to remain profitable .
Since then , the hospitality sector has been hit by ongoing Covid issues , rises in food , labour , and utility costs and now the impact of the costof-living squeeze and the conflict in Ukraine . Since the start of 2022 , revenues have grown again – partly as our hospitality clients restarted their strategic planning and partly through winning new clients across other sectors . Our operational profit has been squeezed by significant cost increases that we ’ re not yet able to pass on to clients , but we remain profitable .
Scott Muncaster , Managing Director of Adactus , speaks to us about his career so far , how he has ensured his company ’ s growth and his management philosophy .
In the last 12 months , we ’ ve invested significantly in the development of the Adactus Customer range of products , we ’ ve recruited seven fantastic new hires since December 2021 and further investment in development as well as sales and marketing is planned for the balance of 2022 .

Adactus : People-first

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