Intelligent CXO Issue 16 | Page 68

Providing better support with omnichannel communications
Businesses globally are now focusing on providing a holistic customer engagement approach that utilises unified models of omnichannel communication . As customers value the ability to engage with a company through multiple avenues simultaneously , it is important to provide them with the same . Furthermore , as the customer journey is quite complex and has various touchpoints , it is crucial to develop omnichannel communications as they can lay out better customer support practices and provide a healthy foundation for businesses to grow and strive .
Optimise agent idle time and provide routine training
For any call centre to succeed , it is necessary to optimise workforce management . As the role of agents can get quite tedious , breaks are a must . However , it is important to differentiate between breaks and idle time . Reducing sedentary time while assigning tasks per the agent ’ s strengths and weaknesses is essential if contact centres want to improve their agent ’ s productivity drastically .
At the same time , managers and leaders must ensure that the agents aren ’ t
stressed or facing burnout by providing them short and frequent breaks throughout their shifts . The agents need to be well-rested and have a positive mindset if they are to help the customers and achieve a favourable resolution , creating an excellent experience for the client .
Additionally , it is imperative to improve the knowledge and capabilities of the agents by providing them with routine training . This will also speed up the company processes , raise first call resolution , and decrease the handling time . Once companies have spotted suitable agents for the job , they must conduct regular training sessions to ensure they can handle incoming and outgoing calls effectively . It is important to note that leaders must make this as fun as possible so that the agents don ’ t find it cumbersome . The sessions can be fun and rewarding by creating healthy competition by adding gamification . Gamification includes the implementation of game mechanics to motivate employee engagement and achievement , often eliciting a positive response .
At its core , a contact centre can only thrive if its employees are well-trained and cared for . Equipping them with the right tools , latest technology and effective solutions will go a long way in establishing the contact centres for the future . x
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