Intelligent CXO Issue 16 - Page 46

performance . You could also look at the concept of vehicle leasing and how companies should start re-evaluating their fleets regarding climate change . Whether you look at it through an insurance lens , the passenger journey or the evolution of electric vehicles , the wider ecosystem will start coming together and will make a big impact on climate change .
TCS has an expansive portfolio of sports partnerships . How does TCS enrich the racing experience , especially when it comes to Jaguar TCS Racing ?
Formula E is an evolving sport . While motorsport has existed for a long time , Formula E is only a recent offshoot and is definitely picking up in popularity . What draws the attention of any audience towards motorsport is essentially the strategy and speed , how strategy and speed come together to drive the end result – whether it is the life of the battery , the consumption pattern , when to overtake , whom to overtake , how to overtake , those impulsive decisions happen on the back of analysis .
We will together – along with JLR – lift the entire experience for the audience , whether it is their ability to drive a simulation , whether it is the ability to experience strategy and speed firsthand , a lot of upliftment will happen . As more innovation comes to the forefront , we believe this experience will only be multiplied .
What advice can you give to other businesses hoping to adapt their sustainability strategy ?
Enterprises have recognised the importance of having a larger agenda on the back of climate change and most have underpinned that with a commitment toward sustainability and ESG reporting . We are seeing that the world is coming together , not only through the voices of citizens but also the voices or actions of enterprises . I think any action goes a long way if it is measurable . Sustainability is a challenge but the ability to adopt measurable actions goes a long way .
No enterprise should shy away from addressing these challenges . A lot of solutions may come from your own supply chains but also from horizontal collaboration , so look outside your industry . There may be a possibility for you to be an anchor or participant in active sustainability efforts . x
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