Intelligent CXO Issue 16 | Page 45

Can you tell us more about the partnership between Jaguar and TCS ?
Our relationship with Jaguar ( JLR ) is almost a decade old . We ’ re a strategic partner , more focused on the technology side of things , but that journey with JLR has definitely progressed from driving technology efficiencies to effectiveness , driving elements of technology to reimagine the passenger experience , utilising data and analytics towards more engendering profiling and the ability to rethink and say what ’ s next .
JLR themselves have a big reimagine agenda and we are helping them with that . Our partnership has gone from strength to strength and we are assisting the company with its reimagine journey , looking at the possibilities of technology .
We further expanded this relationship with JLR a year ago , partnering with the Jaguar TCS Racing team . This has become a multi-dimensional relationship wherein we not only help JLR as an organisation work more effectively but also take the concept of electric vehicles and Formula E to different parts of the globe as well .
What was the strategy behind TCS supporting JTCSR as the title sponsor ?
There are a few themes that are very close to TCS ’ heart : innovation , sustainability and wellness . Formula E and Jaguar TCS Racing fitted very well into the first two themes of innovation and sustainability . Then when we looked back and saw what was happening according to social demographics , that everyone was talking about the future of mobility ; urban transport ; the entire ecosystem of electric vehicles ; electrification as a larger concept , we saw it ticking boxes on multiple fronts and we felt it was the right timing to support JLR . Formula E and Jaguar TCS Racing fitted multiple elements of innovation and sustainability , which worked well for our values and ethos , making it the right partnership to strike .
Can you elaborate on how this collaboration will pave the way for the adoption of advanced technologies and the utilisation of cleaner energy ?
There are two very pivotal things . One is the entire role of technology and the other is the passenger experience . The underpinning element of both is the ability to drive insights and data-led decisions . When you start looking at the data and insights , data analytics as a whole , you will see that the electric vehicle industry has had its own evolution .
We believe that there is a very beautiful ecosystem emerging on the back of electric vehicles , improving both their performance and experience . For example , JLR has many electric vehicles , which feeds into Formula E and that entire journey of


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