Intelligent CXO Issue 16 | Page 35

BUSINESS PROFILE industry such as hair and beauty , this can be detrimental to a company ’ s reputation . A reliable service , therefore , is key to everything we do , especially with everyone working remotely .
Node4 has been instrumental in providing us with all forms of telephony and communication that allows us to provide this reliable service . With our old system , it took a long time to do simple tasks , and users were frequently logged out of their accounts . With Node4 ’ s offering , employees now have a single pane of glass that allows them to talk to customers , message each other and share files – all of which make life easy for them and allows for a more efficient and reliable service .
How have you redefined and reshaped your operations and how has this impacted your employees ?
At Ellisons , we take a modern , forward-thinking view to IT – we want our staff to add value , so we advocate for automating services and mundane tasks , where possible . Our work with Node4 has enabled us to implement this by providing a fully integrated voice and data solution that automates the most time-consuming admin processes . This has delivered marked improvements in efficiency and flexibility , freeing up our employees ’ time to focus on more complex tasks that add value to the business .
Can you tell us how the MPLS Private WAN solution improved resilience and allowed you to scale ?
Having a fully resilient MPLS service is critical for keeping systems online and reducing downtime . With all of our services now hosted off-site , since migrating to the cloud in 2017 , we can no longer afford to have our internet lines down . Node4 provided redundant lines with a fully monitored solution , so any faults that do
Lee Farmer , IT & Operations Director at Ellisons
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