Intelligent CXO Issue 16 - Page 32

Alex Smith-Bingham , Group Offer Lead for Customer Experience at Capgemini
must leverage technologies like the metaverse in comparison to the 2D webpage . Some brands , like Forever 21 and Nike , are already using the metaverse by creating virtual stores that offer customers the power to try and interact with new products in a digital space . Unsurprisingly , they are already attracting millions of visitors .
The possibilities of fully immersive technology are limited only by levels of creativity ; the use cases are limitless . BMW , for instance , is providing car enthusiasts with an immersive showroom experience where users not only browse new models but can also build their dream ride and sit in the driver ’ s seat . Similarly , makeup retailers are enabling users to test products without ever actually getting their hands ( or faces ) dirty . The end goal is not to gamify the consumer experience , but rather to deepen emotional engagement ; to feel a part of an experience rather than a passerby .
Staying grounded
As the borders blur between the virtual and physical worlds , businesses must still ensure that they don ’ t leave their heads in the clouds . Staying aligned with real-world offerings , while ensuring they assess challenges such as interoperability , privacy , ethics , social and sustainability concerns is important .
Immersive experiences bring customers new powers and provide a unique opportunity for marketers to engage with consumers in a direct and personal way . But if approached wrongly , it can have the opposite effect and alienate customers . This is why leaders should plan carefully by ensuring that research , feedback and design are a cohesive process rather than neglected by ambition .
Immersive experience should be tied to the overall marketing strategy . Because it is by getting a better understanding of who customers are , their behaviors and why and how they want to engage with the brand , that leaders can establish which part of the buying cycle is more conducive for an immersive experience and to what degree .
Great CX must be seen as a process , not a singular event . A one-off day in the metaverse or an out-of-the-box AR experience will only be appreciated by a customer momentarily . Instead , truly immersive CX answers your customers ’ ‘ I wish I could ’ moments . There ’ s no silver bullet and customer demands will always drive expectations higher – so an immersive CX will need to constantly adapt and evolve . But the opportunity to engage with customers in a more intimate way , allowing them to curate their own consumer experiences by providing them with the ability to do so will prove invaluable . x
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