Intelligent CXO Issue 16 - Page 30

THE END GOAL IS NOT TO GAMIFY THE CONSUMER EXPERIENCE , BUT RATHER TO DEEPEN EMOTIONAL ENGAGEMENT . could use AI to learn what products are most meaningful to that consumer via click data to add suggestions tailored to their tastes .
It ' s a similar story for fashion . Next day delivery is expected , but consumers might wish to touch the fabric or see how it fits our body type before they hit the ‘ buy now ’ button .
Immersive technology can grant this wish by reproducing the consumer as a virtual avatar to try items on . from unsatisfied customers . Yet , extending capabilities is only one side of the story .
Exploring alternate realities
We have now reached an inflection point for immersive technologies and for its target audiences . Over the last few years , the expansion of the gaming industry has led to the increased sophistication and decreased costs of Virtual Reality equipment , introduced millions to Augmented Reality and set up a new generation predisposed to immersive experiences . As of 2021 , it is estimated that 77 % of Millennials and 81 % of Gen Z play video games . And with an estimated spending power of more than US $ 300 billion , Gen Z is more willing to try new technologies and novel ways to shop online .
Taking such steps can generate an incredible Return On Investment ( ROI ), especially for businesses accustomed to accepting returns
To take advantage of this demographic and offer their customers new emotive ways to engage with their products , business leaders
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