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Simple , convenient and visually attractive were the ideal CX , but now this has become the expected norm . Now CX leaders need to create immersive customer experiences and produce positive emotional outcomes . Alex Smith-Bingham , Group Offer Lead for Customer Experience at Capgemini , tells us more .

Today ’ s consumers move fast and expect more . Whether grabbing a coffee or ordering a taxi , consumer expectations have evolved : simplicity , convenience , speed and attractive experiences are no longer ideals to work towards , they are the basic standards that must be met .

As ubiquity surpasses differentiation , brands that were once put on pedestals for their excellent customer experience are now struggling . Research by Forrester , covering the period 2019 to 2021 , revealed a flattening of the curve in the relationship between brand experience and loyalty . This plateau raises questions about where we are in the pursuit of excellence in customer experience ( CX ) and suggests that fewer customers are compelled to remain loyal . It makes us think : what ’ s next ?
The immersive customer experience
When IKEA ’ s Augmented Reality ( AR ) app , IKEA Place , launched in 2017 , users were able to see how a chair or sofa would look in their own homes . The application was able to realistically render true-to-scale 3D products with 98 % accuracy , which meant less guesswork for the customers and less chance of disappointment . Today , IKEA customers can design entire rooms with IKEA furniture thanks to its AR app .
With many brands following suit , AR experiences have become commonplace for e-commerce retailers ; and while it is still impressive , such tools
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