Intelligent CXO Issue 16 - Page 27

WhatsApp can be a powerful HR tool
WhatsApp has over 27 million users in South Africa and can be used to do almost anything these days . region , store or employee type , enabling instant and transparent two-way communication . In these times of uncertainty and panic , this puts employees and employers on the same page , reducing friction and building trust .
From ordering an Uber to buying groceries , to getting your flight tickets , the digitally inclusive app has become a powerful way for businesses to engage with consumers . The question is , why aren ’ t businesses using it to engage with their employees ?
WhatsApp can be used for so much more than most people realise . SmartWage is elevating the app to a powerful HR tool that can drive employee engagement and reduce manual processes ; essentially , everything that can be done via email , can be done on WhatsApp instead . SmartWage cleverly utilises WhatsApp ’ s capabilities to deliver payslips , IRP5s and important announcements directly to employees . In addition , you can segment by
Sometimes the solutions to our biggest challenges are right in front of us . Though there is a digital divide , it can be bridged ; we just need to re-evaluate how we think about the medium of message delivery . If you ’ re considering a new way to engage your employees , focus on finding something that maximises reach and engagement . In this way , you can create a workplace where effective communication drives a productive and loyal workforce . x www . intelligentcxo . com