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A third of workers think their jobs are at risk from automation

CIPHR has compiled a list of the occupations that are the most and least likely to be replaced by technology or machines , based on the results of a survey of more than 1,000 UK workers . Survey respondents were asked to rate the likelihood that their own occupation could become automated in the future , due to advances in smart technologies , Artificial Intelligence ( AI ), Machine Learning and robotics . in England . The findings show a distinct difference , for almost all occupations included in the study , between what workers think is likely to happen to their current jobs and what ONS researchers predict will happen to those jobs .

Around a third of women ( 33 %) and over two-fifths ( 43 %) of men consider it likely or very likely that automation could replace their jobs . While over half ( 54 %) of those aged 18-to-24-years-old , compared to around a quarter ( 27 %) of over-45s , believe that their job might not exist one day .
Just because an occupation could become fully automated , however , doesn ’ t mean it necessarily will . A more widely accepted view is that many roles will adapt and evolve and that new roles will be created , as even more work tasks and business processes – particularly those that are more routine or repetitive – can be done efficiently by machines .
CIPHR compared its survey results with a report by the Office for National Statistics ( ONS ) on the probability of automation

SABB hosts Enterprise Risk programme for qualifying leaders

Within the framework of its strategy aimed at qualifying national talent and developing the financial sector in the KSA , the Saudi British Bank ( SABB ) organised the ‘ Enterprise Risk Leadership Programme ’ in Riyadh , in cooperation with HSBC Group and Cambridge University , for the first time outside of London and Hong Kong , to promote a culture of risk management and benefit from the best global experience and expertise in this field . direction to develop the financial sector and achieve the Kingdom ' s Vision 2030 ," said HE Dr . Fahad Al-Shathri . “ I ' d like to emphasise that training financial sector employees in risk management and raising the level of awareness among senior leaders in this sector is of particular importance to the Saudi Central Bank and hosting such a global programme demonstrates the Kingdom ' s significance and the opportunities it provides to its citizens and foreign investors ."

On the occasion of the programme ' s completion , the bank held a celebration and certified a group of employees with the finest international practices to face institutional risks . The graduates were honoured in the presence of HE Dr . Fahad Al-Shathri , Deputy Governor of the Saudi Central Bank for Supervision and senior SABB officials led by Tony Cripps , the Managing Director .
" We applaud SABB for organising this firstof-its-kind risk management programme , which contributes to developing national competencies and supporting the national
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