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BUSINESS INSIGHTS or Schnellecke Logistics are examples . DHL is a great example of a company which has standardised its case and each picking within its Consumer and Life Sciences business units on vision picking technology .
This gives them an edge to win over competition , by being able to deliver more volume with the same amount of people and essentially providing a more affordable and higher quality offering to end customers .
Some companies use the technology internally such as Coca-Cola HBC , which has been rolling out the technology into distribution centres across Europe after starting in Greece .
We also work with big box retailers for example which are not only interested in doing the pure logistics piece but also use the technology to optimise their pallet building .
Percy Stocker , EVP , AR , Americas , TeamViewer
logistics use cases like inbound , outbound , lineside delivery and so on .
You can also expand it to manufacturing and , because the technology is so intuitive , you may have a worker that is in logistics one day but can then move over to a manufacturing station if you have a labour shortage in certain weeks . It really makes access to additional jobs easier for people that are less trained or currently in other segments .
What will the workforce of the future look like and how should organisations prepare for this ?
Having come from a consulting background , I ’ ve always felt that the people that bear the burden of the wonderful management strategies are not necessarily being reached because they don ' t have access to PCs as they ' re out in the field .
Many times they have cumbersome RF guns or , if they work in assembly , they may just be using pieces of paper .
You also need flexibility in terms of the hardware , ensuring that whichever solution you choose , you ' re not locked in with hardware that may at some point become unavailable .
Always make sure that your platform is hardware agnostic , allowing you to have a solution that is future proof for future hardware that is released but also allows you to choose the hardware that is best in your particular use case . Also , make sure to pick a platform that is proven for your use case and which has content that can immediately be used to be productive in your environment so you can see the benefits quickly .
Any other examples of how organisations have used this type of technology and the benefits they ' ve experienced ?
We work with companies that take over logistics operations for big enterprises . DHL , DB Schenker
We make sure that we create technology that moves around with people and gives them access to information in an intuitive way .
I see the workforce of the future using this type of wearable technology . This workforce will be less stationary and more mobile and technology will move with them .
It will be intuitive and offer that consumer-like experience to the industrial world .
This will make companies truly agile in allowing them to change direction , not only from a management side but for the whole company , by rolling out additional working procedures in an instant .
Companies need to reinvent themselves to stay competitive and we , as a team , can provide them with the tools and the means to do that to become truly agile and future-proof . x
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