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CXO INSIGHT there is no digital transformation without people . We need them to adopt and use the new tools and processes to improve productivity and our job is to build solutions that make it easier for them to do that .
The average person goes into about eight applications per day and a company can have as many as 200 applications . Even if every single application was perfect , the user still has to change gears every time they go from one to another . That costs time and a lot of mental energy . That ' s another benefit of WalkMe – it maintains the user experience and prevents navigation burnout .
The last thing is contextual help , which keeps an employee ’ s focus . If I ' m in an application and trying to get something done , when you click on the WalkMe button , you ’ re given exactly what you need to complete the task and nothing else . That level of focus – where you don ' t have to search for what you need helps to improve productivity and employee engagement . It then allows people to move on and do real work . Amazing stuff happens when people have enough time away from the computer to talk to each other and think about innovative ideas . We want to free up as much time as possible from the mundane so that people can do the things that matter .
What WalkMe does is allows us to make the user interaction with the new software easy and stress free . This empowers the employee . Next time they have to learn a new system , they are more likely to not fear or resist it . Once this happens a few times , they will then think , ‘ Hey , I am tech-savvy . I got this !’ When you start feeling that way you become much more positive about your job , you ' re much happier and feel like you ’ re accomplishing things . Engagement is going to go up .
Sometimes , it ' s hard to see the connection between a good user experience with an application and feeling great about what you do every day . But it is there .
What would be your advice to other C-levels looking to improve their training processes , or enhance their Digital Adoption Strategy ?
Your customers are important . You work hard and invest big in creating the best customer experience because you know that it matters . Well , the employee experience is just , if not more , important because without your people adopting and using applications to their fullest potential and realising their benefits , digital transformation will always just be a goal .
How can training and development assist in employee engagement ?
The results that we get are due to people ' s behaviours , it ’ s the way that we act ; the choices we make . Our behaviours are a result of our experiences – it ’ s our mindset .
This is especially important during the past few years when the pandemic accelerated the need for companies to enable their employees to work remotely using technology . And remember to shift from making people technology savvy with training to making technology people savvy with WalkMe ’ s Digital Adoption Platform . x
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