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How marketing teams can make the most out of branding
To stand out in today ’ s crowded marketplace , here are just a few ways a business can look to build a strong brand that will attract – and retain – attention .
Brand monitoring via social media : Before jumping into any branding exercise , it ’ s first important to establish how your brand is currently perceived by consumers and the general marketplace – namely , how aware they are of your brand .
Take the time to figure out what ’ s right for your brand and reach your audience where they already are .
Use employees as brand advocates : ‘ Employee advocacy ’ is one of the most effective ways to boost your public image and employee engagement , and one of the most effective channels for it is social media . In essence , this means employees sharing your company ’ s content on their personal social media accounts – everything from job postings to new product launches .
It ’ s effective because half of all employees already share employer content on social media and 33 % of all employees do so without any prompting .
One of the most effective ways to establish this ‘ brand awareness ’ benchmark is by using social media , which means tracking the amount of attention your brand gets online in the form of mentions and engagement . The more people are talking about you online , the greater your brand awareness .
With a formal programme that uses a content strategy to guide employees about what they can post , you can expand your organic reach by 200 % and increase profitability by 23 %, among many other benefits .
Christine Buck , VP , Product Marketing and Brand , Hootsuite
This practice can be further enhanced by the use of social media ‘ brand monitoring ’, which means keeping track of what the world has to say about you . This in-depth tracking gives you a place to start as you embark on your branding journey . What ’ s more , with the social media tools that exist today , it ’ s never been easier to observe , analyse and optimise the online conversation around your brand .
Creating a consistent , relatable brand voice that your consumers can connect with has never been more important in today ’ s competitive , digital marketplace .
With the right branding tools , companies can reach their audience where they are the most , winning their trust and loyalty in the process and making an impact internally for employees too . x
Find the channel that ’ s right for you : There ’ s no denying that social media has become a powerful tool for marketers in today ’ s digital age – but , with so many channels to choose from , where do you start ? The key is to engage in social media where your target audiences can be found , whether that ’ s LinkedIn , Facebook , Instagram or anything in between .
At the same time , don ’ t be afraid to venture into new social media territory . TikTok , for example , is the place to be .
Indeed , with more than 1 billion monthly active users and 3 billion global installations , TikTok has quickly become one of the biggest social media platforms in the world , boasting the highest engagement rates on social media . What ’ s more , the UK spends more time on TikTok than any other nation and almost a third ( 32 %) of British adults now use the app , as per Hootsuite ’ s and We Are Social ’ s Digital 2022 report .
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