Intelligent CXO Issue 14 - Page 42

WHEN CUSTOMERS RETURN TO YOUR BRAND REPEATEDLY , YOU KNOW YOU ’ RE ON THE RIGHT TRACK TO WINNING THEIR LOYALTY . in a brand ( 88 %) is more important than love ( 81 %) when deciding what brand to buy or use .
It ' s safe to say then , that when consumers trust a brand , they are more likely to buy its products , use its services and stay loyal . But how do you gain this trust ? Again , it ’ s important to look at branding as a holistic exercise . From the logos right up to social media content , consistency is key so that when consumers are interacting with or are exposed to your brand , no matter which platform they ’ re using or in what format they ’ re seeing your content , they can recognise your brand from the get-go and associate it with a brand they love .
Customer loyalty improves : Getting branding right builds customer loyalty and branding that has a ‘ human ’ side to it is particularly effective . Indeed , when customers can relate to a company on more than just a product or service level , loyalty will soar . The same 2021 Edelman study , for example , found that 86 % of people expect brands to take one or more actions beyond their product and business , such as addressing societal challenges and supporting local communities and two in five ( 40 %) people said that there are brands they love but no longer buy from because they do not trust the company that owns the brand .
When customers return to your brand repeatedly , you know you ’ re on the right track to winning their loyalty . Effective branding that engages customers on an emotional level builds a relationship that keeps them coming back for more .
It ’ s good for employees : In the era of the Great Resignation and labour shortages , retaining your best and brightest employees is critical . Branding helps in several ways here . Employees who feel their company ’ s mission and values align with their own are four times as likely to love their jobs , as per Workhuman research .
And of course , employees who love the company they work for are more likely to stay – and also recommend that company as an employer . Having branding that speaks to employees on a human level will ensure they feel connected to your company and part of the big picture , especially if they too expect brands to be more than the products and services they offer .
Second , by creating a brand that employees can rally around – whether that ’ s through social media advocacy ( more on that below ), or simply through branded apparel and merchandising – you are bringing everyone together around a
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