Intelligent CXO Issue 14 - Page 39

When well-being is a priority , productivity and retention improves naturally . Technology implemented in the workplace can aid in this too . With shifts managed via digital tools , employees can improve their work-life balance and be ready to take on work well-rested and more fulfilled .
Improved training with the help of digital tools also gives employees a brighter future . Gaining and honing their skills through training gives employees the confidence to know that if they want to move up in the company , they have the skills they need to succeed and accomplish their goals . Again , this is a win / win for both employees and their employer .
Employee empowerment
One essential part of customer service is ensuring employees feel empowered to do the best job that they can and taking pride in their work . Communication , feedback and training are some of the best ways to empower employees and this can all be done digitally .
Having a clear line of communication from the front of staff to the managerial team is necessary for improved customer service . If someone on the floor needs to communicate with the backroom , employees can use digital tools to do this all while still speaking to customers and ensuring their needs are met .
Additionally , being able to communicate about other things such as shift issues , personal problems or peer issues is a good way to empower your employees by encouraging them to speak up if something needs to change .
The future of retail
The future of retail is never clear . Stores on the high street have been riding a roller coaster since the beginning of online shopping and have hit bumps with the pandemic stopping them in their tracks . They are now bouncing back with the help of technology , which has a clear impact on their happiness due to increased efficiencies on every level .
With digital tools being able to shape how employees are trained , can manage their schedules and with improved communication , this provides a clear path to boosting retention , wellbeing and empowerment amongst employees .
Digital Transformation isn ’ t specific to any one industry . It applies to all industries across all verticals . In conclusion , technology rapidly improves operations and efficiencies .
The future of retail is about integrating technology into the workflow . In turn , staying ahead of the competition by developing happy employees and , of course , customers . x www . intelligentcxo . com