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Balancing operational efficiency and employee retention

Retail is consistently changing and new technologies are beginning to dominate this space . Mark Williams , Managing Director , EMEA at WorkJam , speaks to us about retail technologies and how enterprises can utilise them for the employee experience .

Technology can be strategically deployed in retail to optimise communication , training , scheduling and productivity – all of which have a direct impact on improving employee retention , employee well-being and employee empowerment . Consumers expect more from retailers than ever before , but now so does the workforce . It ' s time for retail businesses to maximise technology so that they can evolve into a better future .

Over the last two decades , brick and mortar retail stores have had to adapt to the new competition of online retailers . The retail industry has not only overcome this obstacle but has flourished . One major contributing factor to this success is the technology behind these retail companies .
Technology can improve seamless operation throughout the supply chain and can help businesses strike a better balance between operational efficiency and employee retention . These retail technologies boost employee productivity and customer satisfaction . As we know , these go hand-in-hand with happy employees and happy customers . A win / win for all !
Employee retention
It ’ s no secret that there is a fight for talent in many sectors at the moment due to the effects of the pandemic . Retailers need to do as much as they can to attract , retain and leverage talent . With discussion and trials of a four-day work week becoming more and more frequent and common , as well as the switch to remote work for many , work flexibility has become a desirable element for job seekers . Unfortunately , ‘ deskless ’ workers who work in retail are not afforded the same benefits .
This is where the need to leverage technology comes in . Retail companies can now use specifically designed apps for frontline workers to not only hire new employees but train them , manage shifts and improve communication .
People want flexible schedules . In retail , this can be difficult . However , through the use of a digital frontline workplace , shifts can be organised , changed and switched right from their personal devices , such as their smartphones or tablets .
These tools also enable employees to switch shifts with employees from stores in neighbouring locations , opening up opportunities
Mark Williams , Managing Director , EMEA at WorkJam
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