Intelligent CXO Issue 14 - Page 35

What kind of clients and markets do you serve ?
Our clients are C-suite leaders of listed businesses , operating partners of private equity funds and managing partners of large consulting firms who are looking for a business transformation partner to lead and run the transformation or integration for them , or advise them along the journey , rather than hiring an expensive consulting firm . The challenges they face can include :
• Feel that your business is ready for a breakthrough strategy and needs a partner to help them make that a reality .
What has your career looked like so far ?
I started my career as an organisational psychologist because I was interested in how individuals and organisations go from one state to another and if there is a way to codify the process .
Karen Thomas-Bland , Founder of Seven Transformation
• Wanting to implement a new strategy to respond to or pre-empt a disruption in their industry .
• Have decided to explore and implement a digital business model and subsequent Digital Transformation programme .
• Have started a transformation or turnaround but aren ’ t seeing results fast enough and know it needs rejuvenation .
My second pivot was into corporate strategy and business transformation in management consultancies . The third pivot was then growing and running large service and software businesses organically and through acquisition . Then I set up my own business focusing on business transformation and M & A integration alongside taking non-executive director roles in private equity-backed businesses .
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