Intelligent CXO Issue 14 - Page 3

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Hello and welcome to the 14th edition of Intelligent CXO . I hope you ’ ve had a wonderful month and enjoy the latest issue .

Currently , employee engagement is a hot talking point and a strong focal point for this issue , with an emphasis being placed on the employer this month . For example , our cover story , on page 44 , focuses on IT training and user visibility .
Greisy Flores , Senior Global Product Manager of the Digital Adoption Platform at Nestlé , speaks to us about how the company is managing different IT products that contribute to the success of employees , thus resulting in positive business outcomes .
She also tells us about the implementation of WalkMe and how this software has had a direct impact on the organisation ’ s Digital Adoption Strategy .
These products have been designed with employees in mind , with the aim of upskilling them – which is something our Final Word , on page 70 , also tackles . The ‘ Great Resignation ’ is a growing concern globally and companies are struggling to retain and recruit talent . Intelligent CXO spoke to three experts about how enterprises can survive the staff and skill shortages and what organisations can do to change this .
On page 41 , we also hear from Christine , VP , Product Marketing and Brand at Hootsuite . She talks about the importance of branding , not only for the employer but also for the employees and customers . She emphasises taking time for businesses to figure out what ’ s right for their brand and reach their audience where they already are , for example , on Twitter or TikTok .
We also have a round-up of all the latest business news from across our regions , while our ‘ intelligent ’ brands sections look at the latest news in finance , marketing , HR solutions and employee engagement .
I hope you enjoy this issue and please do not hesitate to get in touch if you ’ d like to contribute to a future edition .
Catherine Darwen Assistant Editor
On page 28 , we also speak with four more experts about how companies can engage their employees , cultivating a positive workforce . Employee engagement is about meeting the needs of each individual team member and if these needs are successfully met , then it will reflect well on the business . However , it is the employer ’ s responsibility to grow such an environment .
Further responsibility is placed on the employer , on page 25 , where Dr Laila Kaikavoosi , Founder and Clinical Director at the Online Menopause Centre , provides important insight into the menopause and how it can have serious consequences for women in the workplace . She also discusses how employers can best support their female colleagues through this time and what measures / policies they can put in place .
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