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As more companies struggle against the ‘ Great Resignation ’, retaining and upskilling talent has never been more important . Intelligent CXO spoke to four experts about how to create a positive employee experience and engage the workforce .
Gavin Mee , Managing Director Northern Europe , UiPath

With the US experiencing the lowest unemployment levels since 1969 and reporting near-record levels of job openings , companies are facing a challenge attracting , retaining and upskilling talent . To address this need , Meeting Expectations + Business Games is now providing proven game-based learning experiences to North American corporations . Through these programmes , employers use proven and customisable learning modules to enhance employee engagement and skills .

" Attracting and retaining employees is a significant challenge right now – even in our industry ," said Christine Hilgert , Senior Vice President at Meeting Expectations . " After successfully enhancing attendee engagement and sales team training through Business Games – and their success in Europe – we know it can be invaluable for North American HR leaders ."
Many different initiatives are available – like Meeting Expectations and Business Games ’ partnership – to help engage employees . We further hear from four leading experts about how companies can successfully engage their workforce and improve the employee experience .
Gavin Mee , Managing Director Northern Europe , UiPath
Employee experience is integral to the running of a business as it directly correlates to the quality of your organisation ’ s overall performance . If an employee feels content in their work environment and are put in the best position to
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