Intelligent CXO Issue 13 | Page 63





What would you describe as your most memorable achievement ?
My most memorable achievement has been building , working and winning with great teams . Whether it ’ s been signing up the largest customer in the region , successfully launching new solutions , or even entering into new markets , all of these achievements and more
have only been possible through the hard work of passionate , can-do teams .
What first made you think of a career in technology ?
I ’ ve had the opportunity to explore various industries , from physical commodity trading , distribution and manufacturing . While working across these industries , I saw the important role that technology plays in underpinning business success . This led me to have greater interest and excitement about technology and its capabilities . Finding that drive meant I was able to land an Asia-based role at IBM , where I was able to see first-hand the incredible things that can be achieved with technology .
Since my first technology role at IBM , I continued to explore my interest in various businesses and functions before my current role as SVP for APJ at ForgeRock . I joined ForgeRock at an exciting time . As a growing company in the digital identity space , I felt that ForgeRock was able to offer new experiences in an innovative industry .
Working at ForgeRock has taught me so much more about the importance of technology . I ’ ve also been lucky enough to work with our incredible team , customers and partners .
What style of management philosophy do you employ with your current position ?
Over the years I ’ ve learnt that leadership is about building great teams . A major part of this is fostering environments that celebrate open communication and trust , facilitating your team to do its best work . My personal ethos revolves around the concept that you can never ‘ overcommunicate ’. Continuing to build connections through conversation means that teams flow efficiently and a business can run smoothly .
It ’ s also important to surround yourself with people who are great leaders themselves . By hiring people who can , in turn , build strong and customer-centric teams , the cycle continues and a business can perform at its best .
What do you think are the current hot technology talking points ?
In the cybersecurity and digital identity management spaces , the growth of global digitisation , driven in part by the impact of the global pandemic , has underpinned significant technology talking points . We ’ re seeing an uptake in the demand for strategic solutions to help combat the increasing global phishing and ransomware attacks that are becoming more and more prevalent . Identity solutions play a critical role in this fight . We are also seeing an increasing interest in Identity-as-a-Service . Customers are also searching for flexibility of deployment options and in some cases , hybrid deployments .
Another big trend in the identity management space is the rise of Artificial Intelligence and
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