Intelligent CXO Issue 13 | Page 32

This involvement will also allow Integrated Business Planning to be delivered in a series of short , rapid phases . This is important because the transition may span several months in which stakeholders can change . The shorter phase methodology not only avoids complex handovers but helps maintain stakeholder buy-in with incremental success .
3 . Transform more than just business planning
Setting a new standard will take time , especially when those standards are new . A long-term vision for integrating planning requires the unification of the planning process , involving operational teams such as HR as much as finance and IT . Part of the initiative should include the Digital Transformation of other units to better serve the new standards of Integrated Business Planning .
To deliver this , a cross-functional team should be devised and assembled . Stakeholders from multiple business units come together to become solution experts so they can guide their teams and others on the road to more holistic planning . Integrated planning that delivers operational resilience has a prerequisite : uniform approaches . This can only come about through structured , phased , cross-departmental action and done properly , it will transform more than just business planning capabilities . Along the way , entire business units will also be transformed . This builds organisational competencies , accelerates project delivery , and embeds a ' futureproof ' mindset .
Better insights and better decisions
Operational resilience can be a hard-won victory . But the very nature of Integrated Business Planning and its need for cross-disciplined teams means resilience is much closer within reach than most organisations realise . And along the way , it will unlock not only increased operational resilience but a host of benefits that enable better business performance . x
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