Intelligent CXO Issue 13 | Page 25


Using behavioural data to enhance the customer experience

Yali Sassoon , Co-founder at Snowplow , looks at how organisations can use behavioural data to create a more efficient customer service function and build predictive models to detect when consumers require human interaction .

For many modern businesses , the ability to deeply understand customers and deliver a more personalised service is critical . To achieve this , many companies are increasing investment in Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) and feeding these models with structured high-quality behavioural data . However , while transactional and demographic data are well understood and fairly valued , behavioural data is still undervalued . If companies want to truly understand their customers and enhance customer experience , then improving understanding , collection and use of high-quality behavioural data is critical .

Today , companies have the opportunity to collect rich , granular behavioural data at every digital touchpoint with customers , whether that is within apps , websites , or across channels like www . intelligentcxo . com