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Oracle launches complete employee experience platform for evolving workforce needs
Oracle has announced Oracle ME , a complete employee experience platform to help organisations increase employee engagement and ensure employee success . Part of Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management ( HCM ), Oracle ME enables HR and business leaders to streamline communications across the organisation , increase productivity by guiding employees through complex tasks and improve talent retention by developing a more supportive and trusted environment at work .
The events over the past two years have changed the game for the global workforce – people ’ s expectations for what they want and need from their employers have evolved .
According to the most recent Oracle AI @ Work study , 85 % of the global workforce are not satisfied with their employer ’ s support for their careers and 87 % believe their organisation should be doing more to listen to the needs of its workforce .
This has put increasing pressure on organisations to prioritise the employee experience , but without truly understanding the needs of individual workers , it ’ s difficult for HR and business leaders to design workplace experiences that support their employees through their careers and help them thrive personally and professionally . Personal priorities are driving professional decisions and workers are looking for guidance on how to succeed in their careers while balancing personal demands .
“ Employees want to feel heard , empowered and part of a culture they believe in . To meet these expectations , organisations need to step up and design experiences that meet the unique needs of their talent – or risk losing them to competitors that do ,” said Yvette Cameron , Senior Vice President of Global Product Strategy , Oracle Cloud HCM .
“ Part of designing better experiences involves seeing employees as unique individuals with their own needs , goals and ways of getting things done . Oracle ME is all about converging workers ’ information , critical insights , workflows and preferences with a technology-enabled solution to give each individual something they can call ‘ my experience ’. It ’ s the only complete employee experience platform focused on understanding the ‘ me ’ behind every worker , providing organisations new ways to listen to , communicate with , support and develop their hybrid workforce .”
Oracle ME delivers a better way to work by providing contextual and guided experiences that strengthen workplace relationships and allow employees to provide continuous feedback with their managers . Oracle ME also enables managers to track and act on real-time employee sentiment , while helping HR teams deliver personalised employee communications and support their entire workforce with direct access to the tools they need , when they need them .
“ One of the keys to creating a positive experience for our employees and managers is helping them take control of their information and their teams ,” said Gareth Abreu , Principal Technology Delivery Manager , HCM , at The Co-op . “ With Oracle solutions like HR Help Desk , Digital Assistant and Experience Design Studio we ’ ve been able to help managers complete common tasks like employee transfers in a fraction of the time it took before . Now , they get more time back to focus on adding value to the company .”
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