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Andela launches new platform to power the future of customised work

Andela , a global marketplace for remote technical talent , has announced the launch of its new platform , designed to create a more direct , personalised and successful hiring experience for both talent and recruiters .

The company has now expanded its offering to include designers , product managers and data talent . To reflect this growth , Andela is also unveiling its new brand identity . These announcements come shortly after Andela closed a US $ 200 million Series E , valuing the company at US $ 1.5 billion .
“ Amazon , Apple and Netflix have changed every aspect of our lives – from how we shop to how we consume culture and everything in between . As a result , personalisation has become a basic expectation ,” said Jeremy Johnson , CEO and Cofounder of Andela .
“ This is why we ’ ve built our new platform – to help talent find jobs that match more than just their technical skills . Instead , we help them find careers that match their lives .
This works well for recruiters , too . Instead of wasting time sifting through resumes and screening calls , our platform identifies talent that fits their exact needs , helping companies find top talent in less than two weeks – often in just two to three days .”

62 % of UK workforce considering professional move abroad

Research from Perkbox , a global benefits and rewards platform , has found that the UK is facing a workforce exodus , as almost two-thirds of UK workers ( 62 %) would consider moving abroad to work remotely .

The survey , of over 2,000 full-time workers , found that a third of those who would consider moving abroad to work remotely ( 36 %) are willing to leave their current job to achieve this .
A number of factors are contributing to this desire , with the top three being : worries around the rising cost of living ( 21 %), losing faith in the government and direction of the country ( 15 %) and a desire to pursue a more nomadic lifestyle that blends work , travel and holiday ( 14 %).
While this sentiment simmers amongst the workforce , managers are increasingly beginning to see action being taken on it . Perkbox also surveyed over 500 business leaders across the UK , finding that over a quarter ( 28 %) are already reporting an increase in requests for international working . Furthermore , this research showed that business leaders are supportive of the move , with three-quarters ( 75 % 2 ) trusting their people to work productively from anywhere .
However , as this trend develops , managers must be mindful of the potential friction and stresses growing within teams spread across multiple locations . x
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