Intelligent CISO Issue 9 - Page 71

GO PHISH , WE ‘GO PHISHING’ WITH LUKE POTTER K CYBERSECURITY PRACTICE DIRECTOR (CHEC TEAM LEADER) AT SURECLOUD, WHO TELLS US E. ABOUT LIFE INSIDE AND OUTSIDE THE OFFIC What management philosophy do you employ in your current position? What would you describe as your most memorable achievement in the cybersecurity industry? ieving The obvious answer would be ach proud ly eme extr I’m . ition my current pos ted exci I’m d, Clou Sure for to work about the work we’re doing in the security and compliance space, and up I’m pleased to have worked my way over s rank to this level and through the ing the years. I’m now essentially runn of all on ing lead and sion rdivi our cybe h is a our cyberproduct innovation, whic great place to be. d Additionally, in late 2011, I achieve urity Sec my Tiger Scheme Senior me Tester qualification, which allowed It’s er. Lead Team CK CHE a ome to bec in obta to ult a highly coveted and diffic on inati culm the like felt accreditation, so tice. prac and ying stud of l dea t of a grea What first made you think of a career in cybersecurity? stry, From my earliest days in the IT indu I area an ainly cert was cybersecurity n I The in. d este inter rly icula part was erage went to work for an insurance brok e ctur stru infra l nica tech looking after its a ok erto und we e, ther was I e whil and, pliant. major project to become PCI-com all I found it fascinating, making sure nting our clients’ data was safe, impleme and s esse proc , the correct controls h procedures. It ignited a passion whic me. with ed stay has | Issue 09 My philosophy is very leadership al focused and that means that mutu ple peo ve belie ’t don I key. is respect are can expect to lead well unless they ally, equ , and respected by their team ss that they won’t earn that respect unle k. bac it they give ple I work hard to look after all the peo all they turn in and in my division work hard, always, to support myself and the business. It’s a real meritocracy. What do you think is the current hot cybersecurity talking point? Highly tailored, directly targeted attacks. We all know about mass or the ransomware and spam campaigns ated repe n bee have classic scams that The cybersecurity community is fantastically collaborative – and of course, international. over the years, claiming that nds ; you’ve inherited thousands of pou mon com t mos it’s old news. Now, the is way for organisations to be targeted al soci re whe is This l. ona far more pers ting ipula man in, es com ring enginee ning people into clicking on links or ope , ious insid attachments with incredibly ons, icati mun carefully -designed com the often purporting to be from within . tion same organisa groups Whether these attacks stem from ed, nsor of criminals or are state -spo ly the point is that they are incredib which – d cate histi sop personalised and nce defe the that rse, means, of cou needs to be also. 71