Intelligent CISO Issue 9 - Page 59

WatchGuard unveils Trusted Wireless Environment framework atchGuard Technologies, a leader in advanced network security solutions, has launched its new Trusted Wireless Environment framework, a guiding resource businesses and solution providers can use to build Wi-Fi services that offer market-leading performance, scalable management and verified, comprehensive security capabilities. This new initiative seeks to upset the status quo in the wireless market, which the company says has prioritised performance over security for far too long. W Organisations that build Trusted Wireless Environments can enjoy the performance and scalability they need to run their business, while at the same time ensuring protection against today’s most dangerous Wi-Fi attacks. “Wi-Fi networks have always served as low-hanging fruit for cybercriminals looking to steal valuable information, primarily because vendors and businesses alike have made the mistake of looking at Wi-Fi security capabilities as an added benefit, rather than a primary feature,” said Ryan Orsi, Director of Product Management at WatchGuard Technologies. “We’re seeing a massive, industry-wide need to fundamentally re-evaluate what we expect from Wi-Fi products, so we’re advocating that businesses of every size – and even competing vendors – examine our framework for what it takes to build and operate a Trusted Wireless Environment. “WatchGuard’s cloud-based secure Wi- Fi products are truly unique in that they offer both industry-leading performance and unrivalled protection against every known category of Wi-Fi security threats, all delivered in a package that’s easily managed and highly scalable.” Trusted wireless environments WatchGuard’s Trusted Wireless Environment framework helps organisations develop complete Wi- Fi networks that are fast, easy to manage and, most importantly, secure. Organisations today are faced with the inherent responsibility of establishing Trusted Wireless Environments that protect their employees, their customers and their intellectual property from hackers who can easily exploit the weak or non-existent security of traditional Wi- Fi networks. Some choose to tackle this effort in- house, however, many small to midsize businesses and organisations elect to outsource their IT, including their Wi-Fi, to a trusted partner, which puts the responsibility for protecting that organisation on the VAR, MSP or MSSP serving that client. u | Issue 09 59