Intelligent CISO Issue 9 - Page 50

FEATURE that allow consumers to select and install software on the fly without having to wait for mail delivery and without system reboots, confusing configuration options, or security scans. “We are pleased to be among the first next-generation, AI-powered consumer antivirus solution on Amazon,” said Christopher Bray, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Cylance consumer. To help consumers stay ahead of bad actors, Cylance Smart Antivirus provides predictive security to spot and block threats before they have a chance to run without affecting device performance or disrupting the user experience. Consumers who download from Amazon ESD have the additional benefit of immediate protection upon installation, because the Cylance lightweight agent downloads instantly – with no activation codes and no waiting. “Cylance is one of the only companies to offer next-generation enterprise-grade protection for the consumer,” said Bray. “It uses the same algorithms to proactively prevent against unknown threats that its global enterprise customers rely on to keep their networks and assets safe.” Everyday Internet users now have the option to purchase next-generation software built on Artificial Intelligence with a set-it-and-forget-it installation that gives consumers peace of mind and ease of use. Cylance extends automated detect-and-respond capabilities in the enterprise The company also announced the availability of application programming interfaces (APIs) as part of its leading endpoint detect and respond offering, CylanceOPTICS. Thousands of CylancePROTECT and CylanceOPTICS customers around the world now benefit from automated, repeatable tasks and the improved ability to identify and respond to advanced threats without an increase in headcount or process complexity. 50 You need to think about a cybersecurity defence as defending against a set of threat scenarios. Extensive APIs enable security teams to more efficiently view, enrich and contextualise real-time intelligence collected at the endpoint to keep critical systems secure. CylanceOPTICS exposes field-tested Artificial Intelligence to detect and prevent advanced threats, enabling organisations to use automated analyses to disrupt attackers across their environments. It also builds the policies for device control and memory exploitation protection that prevent attacks from executing in the network. “Our robust AI platform not only automatically prevents successful attacks, but it also informs other security and IT systems that may need to take action based on threat activity,” said Sasi Murthy, Vice President of product marketing at Cylance. “By making that data accessible in real time, we can absolutely improve threat visibility but we can also improve an organisation’s ability to drive policy compliance, monitor device health and maintain situational awareness across their vast and changing IT environments.” Users of Cylance next-generation AI enjoy the ability to correlate endpoint data against known and prospective threats, which provides increased understanding of the attack surface. Security teams also benefit from the speed and accuracy of bringing new devices online and implementing changes across their ecosystems on the fly. u Issue 09 |