Intelligent CISO Issue 9 - Page 49

W Why should anti-virus not be overlooked? Steve Grobman, SVP and SVP Chief STEVE GROBMAN, Technology Officer, McAfee AND CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER, MCAFEE FEATURE sure plumbing doesn’t leak, so you actually need electrical code, you need structural code, you need plumbing codes. You can’t say plumbing is the most important thing. Or if I asked you, on a flight, what’s the most important part of the aeroplane – do you care more about the structural integrity of the wings, or the engine? You’d probably say ‘I don’t want to answer that, I need both’. And that’s the way that we need to think about defending ourselves. There are a lot of threats that exist and we need technology that is able to offer a comprehensive threat defence. Anti-virus is very effective at defending against some of the threats that are out there and while there may be limitations for that technology to work against some things, it’s very effective against others. I think if you look at what anti-virus is, it’s one element of a malware defence solution. If you look at what McAfee is offering, we don’t really have an anti-virus product that is anti-virus by itself, it’s always a set of technologies that is using a combination of cloud-based threat intelligence, signature-based antivirus, local detection and next generation technologies, all working together. What I would say is that the 30 years of malicious content that has been created at one point or another is still out there. Having a baseline of defence against even legacy threats remains important. And what it really comes down to is that you need to think about a cybersecurity defence as defending against a set of threat scenarios as opposed to necessarily knowing which threat scenario will impact you. The analogy I would give is, think about building a house and ask ‘what are the threats you need to worry about when the house is completed?’ Well you want to make sure there are no electrical fires, you want to make sure there’s no structural damage – you don’t want to have the house fall down on you – and you want to make | Issue 09 You need to think about a cybersecurity defence as defending against a set of threat scenarios. So, having it as one of the pieces of your overall cyberdefence strategy is critical. Cylance releases enterprise-grade antivirus software for consumers Meanwhile, Cylance Inc announced the release of its enterprise-grade cybersecurity software for consumers on Amazon. Cylance is part of the Amazon Electronic Software Downloads (ESD) program designed for fast, real-time downloads 49