Intelligent CISO Issue 9 - Page 35

 PREDI C TI VE I NTEL L I GE NC E Organisations should engage providers that have the right human competencies for threat hunting and forensics to identify appropriate relationships between indicators and artefacts. Upon completion of the forensic analysis exercise, your provider should provide you with a thorough report of the findings, a comprehensive and detailed list of the indicators or artefacts of compromise, signatures of any malware extracted, an assessment of the potential damage that could have been sustained from the identified IOCs and recommendations to avoid a potential breach. | Issue 09 Remediation analysis Addressing the IOCs is just as, if not more, important than their identification. Therefore, it is imperative to receive the right remediation for compromise indicators found during the assessment. Compromise assessment is not only a great tool that helps you address threats that exist in your IT infrastructure, it also serves to guide future investments by highlighting the flaws that have already been exploited. Thus, by supplementing VAPT with this vital service, you will give your organisation an accurate and comprehensive representation of its security posture. u 35