Intelligent CISO Issue 9 - Page 22

infographic P Research from Ping Identity has revealed that three-quarters of consumers would stop engaging with a brand online following a breach while half would not sign up for an online service that had recently been breached. 22 Ping Identity, a leader in identity defined security, has released results of the Ping Identity 2018 Consumer Survey: Attitudes and Behavior in a Post-Breach Era, unveiling consumer sentiments and behaviours toward security and brands impacted by data breaches. Ping surveyed more than 3,000 people across the United States, United Kingdom, France and Germany to find out what they expect from brands when it comes to the safekeeping of personal information. The survey reveals that many consumers are making drastic changes to the ways they interact with companies and secure their own personal data following a breach: • A total 78% of respondents would stop engaging with a brand online and more than one third (36%) would stop engaging altogether if the brand had experienced a breach • Nearly half (49%) would not sign up and use an online service or application that recently experienced a data breach • Almost half (47%) have made changes to the way they secure their personal data as a result of recent breaches and over half (54%) are more concerned with protecting their personal information today than they were a year ago “With the prevalence of data breaches and leaks, enterprises must have the proper controls in place or they become at risk of losing consumer trust and business,” said Sarah Squire, CTO Office, Ping Identity. “In the same way that brands are expected to provide user-friendly experiences, they also must understand the value and importance of strong identity management strategies.” Squire added: “The findings from our 2018 survey reveal the extent to which consumers value security and rely on Issue 09 |