Intelligent CISO Issue 9 - Page 15

latest intelligence WHITE HAT, BLACK HAT AND THE EMERGENCE OF THE GRAY HAT: THE TRUE COSTS OF CYBERCRIME M alwarebytes engaged Osterman Research to undertake an in-depth survey of security professionals in five countries. The goal of the research was to understand the organisational costs associated with cybercriminal activity and to understand what motivates some security professionals to join the ‘dark side’ – i.e. to become either ‘gray hats’, who participate in criminal activity while also working as legitimate security professionals; or full-fledged ‘black hats’ who operate solely within the realm of the cybercriminal underworld. | Issue 09 About the survey Osterman Research conducted the survey during May and June 2018 with a total of 900 security professionals. Two hundred of these individuals were surveyed in the United States and 175 were surveyed in each of the following countries: the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia and Singapore. In order to qualify for the survey, respondents: • Must be involved in managing or working on cybersecurity-related issues in their organisations PRESENTED BY • Must work for an organisation that has between 200 and 10,000 employees A wide range of industries was surveyed, but the largest industries represented in the global survey were financial services/insurance (10%), manufacturing (10%), retail (9%), technology (9%) and healthcare (9%). u DOWNLOAD WHITEPAPERS AT: WWW.INTELLIGENTCISO.COM/ WHITEPAPERS 15