Intelligent CISO Issue 9 - Page 12

news High HID Global announces new re-transfer printer ID Global, a worldwide leader in trusted identity solutions, has announced a new ID card re- transfer printer with breakthrough speed. H The HID FARGO HDP6600 High Definition Printer/Encoder halves the time it takes to print the first ID card, while doubling overall throughput as compared to many alternatives. This new printer is designed to save customers time, money and energy. The HID FARGO HDP6600 printer is the company’s sixth-generation re-transfer printer under HID’s FARGO brand. HID Global has re-engineered the re- transfer printing concept and redesigned the printer from the ground up to accelerate high-volume, high-quality printing, lower the printing cost per card and deliver best-in-class energy efficiency – alongside the company’s industry-leading reliability. As a result, the new printer is easier to service, less expensive to operate and more flexible across a wider range of applications. HID has achieved breakthrough card throughput speeds by combining patent- pending iON ‘instant on’ technology with other advancements to enable simultaneous film printing and card re- transfer processes. 12 NHS BANNED FROM BUYING FAX MACHINES IN BID TO IMPROVE CYBERSECURITY he NHS has been banned from buying fax machines as part of plans for trusts to invest in new technology to replace outdated systems. The ban takes effect from January 2019 and fax machines are set to be phased out by March 31 2020. NHS organisations will be monitored on a quarterly basis until they declare themselves ‘fax free’. T From April, NHS organisations will be required to use modern communication methods, such as secure email, to improve patient safety and cybersecurity. It is part of the Health and Social Care Secretary’s tech vision, to modernise the health service and make it easier for NHS organisations to introduce innovative technologies. Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock said: “Because I love the NHS, I want to bring it into the 21st century and use the very best technology available. We’ve got to get the basics right, like having computers that work and getting rid of the archaic fax machines still used across the NHS when everywhere else got rid of them years ago. “I am instructing the NHS to stop buying fax machines and I’m setting a deadline for getting rid of them altogether. Email is much more secure and miles more effective than fax machines.” Issue 09 |