Intelligent CISO Issue 9 - Page 10

news Thycotic announces PAM Maturity Assessment hycotic, a provider of privileged account management (PAM) solutions for more than 10,000 organisations worldwide, has announced its PAM Maturity Assessment, the first tool designed as a strategic framework to help organisations understand their current level of PAM maturity. As a free online tool, the PAM Maturity Assessment increases an organisation’s visibility into how it manages privilege security and enables security and IT teams to prioritise actions and align budget and resources. T Participants get an immediate grade upon completing the survey, along with a follow up email that includes a report with detailed results and customised recommendations to systematically lower privileged account risk, increase business agility and improve operational efficiency. “Many companies aren’t sure where to start with PAM or which security activities have the most impact,” said Joseph Carson, Chief Security Scientist at Thycotic. “This model is based on security industry best practices and our work with 10,000 customers of all types. It’s designed to help companies progress on their PAM journey based on defined benchmarks as well as their own risk drivers, budget and priorities.” Information security and IT professionals can take the free survey in under five minutes by visiting https:// maturity-model/. 10 POLYSWARM LAUNCHES CROWDSOURCED MALWARE DETECTION ECOSYSTEM olySwarm, the first decentralised threat intelligence marketplace, has launched its new ecosystem to protect users. The ecosystem is a unique new approach to malware detection which connects a network of security experts and AV companies who constantly compete, and get rewarded, to protect users from emergent threats. required to stake tokens to provide opinions; incentivising accountability, honest behaviour, more accurate threat detection and fewer false positives. Companies and MSSPs with large volumes of incoming files, network traffic or URLs can obtain a real- time verdict on the maliciousness of these files through PolySwarm’s marketplace. Threat detection is automated, performed by experts from around the world who build and maintain anti-malware software ‘micro engines’ that detect threats. They are paid based on accuracy and are PolySwarm is currently expanding its open and crowdsourced ecosystem by onboarding new anti-malware engines. This offers suppliers of threat detection the chance to generate passive income by accurately detecting threats and provides AV companies with access to a vast stream of malware samples to improve their products while providing broader, more accurate protection for enterprises. P PolySwarm is built on the Ethereum platform, running on Nectar, an ERC20- compatible utility token that makes it easy to submit and classify potential threats on the PolySwarm market. Issue 09 |