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Prior to Rubrik , Warren CAT ’ s Disaster Recovery ( DR ) strategy lacked automation .
We needed a security-first mindset .

Prior to Rubrik , Warren CAT ’ s Disaster Recovery ( DR ) strategy lacked automation .

opportunity for us to step back , categorise our business-critical applications in terms of importance and build a new foundation . Our servers were already being backed up on Rubrik , by bringing on Orchestrated Application Recovery , we were able to go through the blueprinting exercise of categorising and defining all our workloads without starting from ground zero , saving us time and effort . This really helped us create an organised successful foundation for Disaster Recovery and Restoration . Now , we fully understand our DR priorities and have the flexibility to add anything else to our Blueprints as needed .”
DR testing and compliance : “ With Rubrik , we are now testing DR , running Blueprints and finding ways to improve and optimise our processes . Disaster Recovery , backup testing and encryption analysis are foundational

We needed a security-first mindset .

requirements of our cybersecurity insurance . Orchestrated Application Recovery has made it possible for us to be truly compliant from a cybersecurity standpoint while also improving the security posture of the company .”
Quick installation : “ Since we already had the core Rubrik appliances , as well as Rubrik ’ s Zero Trust Data Protection for all our Microsoft 365 backups , adding Orchestrated Application Recovery was just a matter of flipping a switch and configuring the recovery flow to fit our environment – it was an easy and straightforward process .”
OAR Professional Services Team : “ When it comes to Rubrik services , anything we ’ ve done or needed , it has always been able to get the right people to make us successful including top tier support , recovery planning and orchestration .”
Timeframe for recovery : “ We established precise internal SLAs when it comes to recovering business critical applications . I ’ m happy to say that while Tier 1 workload recovery needs to happen within hours , I have no doubt that with Orchestrated Application Recovery we ’ ll be able to recover those workloads in half the time .”
Control and ease of use : “ I ’ ve spoken to many of my C-level peers about Rubrik ’ s
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