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Warren CAT saw the need to elevate its Zero Trust data security posture to protect the organisation and secure its data in the face of cyberthreats . Brent Cerka , CIO , Warren CAT , tells us how the company is now better prepared with Rubrik ’ s solutions and how the vendor has changed the way that the company ’ s Business Continuity operates . Cerka even goes as far as to say : “ We needed the best Zero Trust data security partner and we believe that is Rubrik .” he large , yellow

T industrial machines peppering construction sites around the world have become synonymous with growth , progress and development . With 21 different locations in Texas and Oklahoma , Warren CAT provides customers complete solutions for their equipment needs , from heavy machinery to industrial engines .

Warren CAT ’ s customers include some of the largest and most recognisable companies in the world that fuel our daily lives . With a commitment to providing superior products and services and the development of long-term business relationships built on trust – security and safety are at the forefront of Warren CAT ’ s operations .
Warren CAT saw the need to elevate its Zero Trust data security posture to protect the organisation and secure its data in the face of cyberthreats .
The start of a data security paradigm shift
Prior to Rubrik , Warren CAT ’ s Disaster Recovery ( DR ) strategy lacked automation . “ Our legacy solution was not highly regulated . It was comprised of tape-based and non-encrypted backup solutions which required many manual processes ,” said Brent Cerka , CIO , Warren CAT .
Cerka recognised the need to improve Warren CAT ’ s strategy around DR . “ We needed a security-first mindset . This meant having security measures built-in to everything we work on and all vendors we work with , like Rubrik . We also know it isn ’ t a matter of if we are targeted by attackers , but rather when . Now , we believe we are better prepared with Rubrik ’ s Zero Trust Data Security .”
DR fortress with orchestrated application recovery
Warren CAT utilises Rubrik ’ s Orchestrated Application Recovery to reduce the impact of unplanned downtime and data loss caused by cyberthreats . Pre-defined Rubrik Blueprints – logical containers of VMs that contain the boot order , storage , compute , networking and postscripts for VMs to leverage at the target site – bring automation to DR planning . “ Our operational process in reaction to Disaster Recovery changed drastically
Brent Cerka , CIO , Warren CAT with Orchestrated Application Recovery ,” said Cerka . “ It gives me the confidence to know that I can have true backup orchestration and meet the company ’ s internal SLAs of recovery . We had a process our team dreaded and knew it was going to be lengthy , painful and unpredictable . Now , we have set ourselves up for success . We ’ ve created Blueprints , set the tools in place to make recovery scalable and feasible and tested the process multiple times to ensure that we can communicate accurate internal SLAs that support Business Continuity for the company .”
Blueprint for coordinated DR : “ We recently embarked on a hyperconverged server transformation in our data centre for our applications and virtual environment . This was a great www . intelligentciso . com