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6 . news
Latest news round-up
15 . latest intelligence
Latest whitepapers from EkkoSense and NetWitness
18 . cyber trends
Gartner identifies top cybersecurity trends for 2023
22 . infographic
New survey by HID reveals five pressing themes reshaping the security industry
24 . threat updates
Latest updates from across the globe , Indonesia and the UK
27 . editor ’ s question
What are the security implications of using ChatGPT ?
33 . predictive intelligence
NetWitness expert on the changes of the NIS2 Directive and how to achieve real protection
41 . expert opinion
ThreatLocker : The best practices for common cybersecurity threats in 2023
44 . industry unlocked
Allied Bank adopts a proactive security strategy with Recorded Future Intelligence
55 . intelligent technologies
62 . business surveillance
Riverland Group boosts network security and performance with WatchGuard
67 . decrypting myths
Virsec expert on the benefits of a Zero Trust architecture
71 . go phish
Andy Bates , Practice Director – Security at Node4
74 . end point analysis
11 steps to develop an effective ransomware response
78 . end point analysis 2
F5 : The crippling effect of cybercrime on our emotional well-being
36 . feature
As organisations attempt to optimise their business strategies , understanding threat intelligence has never been more important . Bert Skaletski , Resident CISO for EMEA , Proofpoint , tells Intelligent CISO about how Proofpoint ’ s State of Phish Report can help organisations better protect themselves in 2023 and beyond .



51 . end-user insight
Warren CAT saw the need to elevate its Zero Trust data security posture to protect the organisation and secure its data in the face of cyberthreats . Brent Cerka , CIO , Warren CAT , tells us how the company is now better prepared with Rubrik ’ s solutions and how the vendor has changed the way that the company ’ s Business Continuity operates . Cerka even goes as far as to say : “ We needed the best Zero Trust data security partner and we believe that is Rubrik .”
48 . feature
Bolstering your systems from within is key to preventing against fraud , but putting this into practice can be challenging . Daniel Benad , Group Vice President and Regional GM , ANZ and Oceania , Rimini Street , asks : “ If trusted employees are the biggest threat to data security , does that mean we can never be safe ?”


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